Roofing Specialists

Shingles – Cedar – Metal – Copper – Slate – Flat

We carry out the supply and installation of single ply membranes, bituminous felts and hot melt systems including any insulation requirements, as well as structural decking, polyester powder coated aluminium soffits, fascias and cappings. Whatever your flat roofing requirement for your project we will be pleased to offer a cost effective solution.

Single ply membranes

These are used in many applications from commercial roofs to residential roofs either as a new application or refurbishment; these can be loose laid, mechanically fixed or fully-adhered depending on the build up of the roof.

Hot Melt Systems

This material is mainly used for structural waterproofing which include car parks and podium decks. The main benefit from using this material is it can be laid at O° pitch.

Bituminous Felts

These come in a range of applications from single layer to three layers including a self healing membrane ideal for terraces and roofs where you have numerous penetrations from Plant Etc. With all these products you can introduce cut to falls insulation or uniform boards, we can assist with a design to suit any project requirements.


We can supply and install varying thicknesses and specifications of insulation to meet your design requirements. Should your project require cut to fall insulation we are happy to assist in selecting the correct design and installing the required insulation to meet your thermal requirements.