Maintenance & Repair

RR Home Improvement is one of the leaders in the commercial and industrial roofing industry in Northern, VA.

The responsibility of this Department is to provide property owners, property managers and maintenance engineers with the necessary tools to extend the useful service life of existing roof systems. The only way to accomplish this is through a systematic maintenance program.

Our maintenance plan includes:

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  •     Routine Roof Inspections

  •     Deficiency Identification

  •     Repair Prioritization

  •     Replacement Forecasting

  •     Corrective Action

Pro-active management through strategic long-term planning is a proven cost saving strategy.The program is designed to protect your investment through preventative measures. Through routine inspections, we catch the problem before it escalates into something that might cause a total roof replacement. Our dedicated team of experts will provide the necessary information to decide on a maintenance program for your investment.